Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Year 8 Dance

Oohh, ooh, ooh, ooh,ooh,oo-ooh

2, zero, 1, 0h

oohh, o-oh ohh yeah

its alright, oh its alright

You know what they say, you cant always stay forever, we’re survivers.

So forget those days, its all about tonight, don’t want to say goodbye, never, we’ll miss you guys

We never ever want to go, we keep it rocking till 3pm
preschool to redcliffs over to high school ,

turn it up, turn it up, mash it up
we’re gonna leave coz
leave coz, coz it’s the end of the year
we’re gonna leave coz, its 2010
you know that it doesn’t matter as long as we got each other,
turn it up, turn it up, mash it up
coz it’s the end of the year

I’m not here for your entertainment , why are you making me leave,
just stop and take a second, I was fine until u walked into my life. Coz u know its over before it began. Stop and think what your doing to me, maybe I don’t wanna leave.
I don’t know why your doing this, having fun why does this have to end. Don’t touch back up don’t want to say buh-bye. Listen up it’s just not happening you cant make me leave my best friend just let me have my fun tonight. Alright

I am walking away from the school I love I’ll never forget you. I guess we cant stay primary school anymore, ill never forget you or forget them to because we have to leave now but we want to stay here. Aint that some shhhhh
Although there’s pain in my chest I still wish you the best. I’ll never forget you.