Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If the world was a village

This video certainly makes you think about and appreciate what we have here, even after the events of a few weeks ago. Room 1 watched a similar video from

Winter Sport

Well done to all those involved in the Canterbury Winter Sports Tournament yesterday. I witnessed some great leadership and teamwork with the rugby team which helped them to 3rd place! Other teachers have commented about the same great attributes being displayed in netball, football and hockey teams. Well done everyone!

All Black Skills

How good are these guys? Something to aspire to.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Operation Bye Bye Rock

Each bucket load contained 600 litres of water, and they dropped 40 bucket loads on and around the precarious rock. Afterwards they brought out a small wrecking ball (it still weighed 200kg) to loosen some more rock.

Check out the TVNZ footage here.

Some more Operation Drop the Rock

Operation Monsoon Drop

After the earthquake the engineers decided that a large boulder at the top of the cliff was better off being on the ground so they brought in the helicopter to bring it down.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Earthquake Recount

Thank you to those children who have posted their experiences of the 7.1 Earthquake on our wiki. I have posted a link to the site so that children and teachers from around NZ can enjoy your stories.

Click here to add yours -

First Recount Posted Below

The first thing I remember is waking up and hearing a noise like an airplane taking off,at first I thought it was a car, but then the whole house started shaking wildly,doors we swinging and books were falling off shelves.I heard my parents shouting, "earth quake,earth quake!"
When the first quake had died down,we all huddled in doorways, fearfull of what was to come.
Then the after shocks started,large at first, then getting smaller.for almost an hour we sat there and all the time I was thinking about my family in the city,were they ok ? Had their houses stood the strain? Once we felt that it was safe to come out from under the doorways,we dragged all our beding into one room and attempted to get some sleep,but then the after shooks started up again!
At around 6.15, we couldn't stand it any longer, so we went up stairs and attempted to call our family, of course we couldn't get through to them because all the power was out in the city. Thank fully we still had power, but just in case, we brought the torches up from down stairs. The first thing my brother did was run and see if the TV and computer were ok, they were, luckily my books were as well.

Christchurch Quake Map

Click on the title or link below to see a visual represnation of the quake and all the aftershocks. You can also visit GeoNet to get information on the latest aftershocks.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Techtonics Investigator

Investigate the internal structure of the Earth using earthquake measurements. Examine the Earth’s outer layer. Fit the Earth's tectonic plates together like a jigsaw puzzle. This learning object is the first in a series of three objects.


Our first experience of the earthquake is to focus on the destruction and trauma that it has caused. Don't get me wrong the earthquake has had a disastrous impact on many people's lives (but thanfully no lives have been lost). Is there a silver lining to this disaster. Complete a Plus / Minus / Interesting chart to record your thoughts and ideas.

More Maths Problem Solving

A chocolate fish for the first person to answer this correctly (post as a comment with your pseudonym)

On Monday, Sam, Sunny and Sylvia shared some lollies that their Mum had given them. Sunny got twice as many lollies as Sam. Sylvia got three times as many lollies as Sam plus two lollies.

Their Mum gave them the same number of lollies each day up to (and including) Friday. Altogether, their Mum gave them 70 lollies. How many lollies did Sam get on Monday?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


This game will test your thinking abilities, well it did to me anyway. Click on the link and give it a try but be warned it may become addictive.

Good Luck

Richter Scale

Ever wonder what the numbers 7.1 mean, or where the name Richter Scale came from. Visit the links below to find out more information.

Maths Problem Solving

Tina and Tom were twins. Tina saves and Tom spends. Tom found a $20 note on Sunday evening and spent $2 a day starting on Monday. Coincidentally, Tina started work that Monday and gets $2.50 a day. How long would it be before Tina has more money than Tom?

Paul is on the phone to his friend Pesi. He had this nice pattern that he was trying to describe to Pesi but he couldn’t find the words.

If Paul’s pattern was:
3, 7, 11, 15, …
how could he describe to Pesi how to get any member of the number pattern? How could Paul tell Pesi how to get the 50th number in as simple a way as possible?

Mr Morrison and his daughter Rose both have very bad coughs. They go to the pharmacy and they each get a bottle of QwikQure Cough Medicine. Mr Morrison’s bottle has 300ml and he has to take 10ml every 3 hours. On the other hand, Rose is given a smaller bottle with only 90ml and she has to take 5ml every 6 hours. They have to take the medicine between the hours of 7am and 7pm.


Morning everyone.

I think to say we are over these aftershocks is an understatement. Hope you are all well, and you are being nice to everyone in your house.

One new word that I have heard a lot of in recent days is liquefaction. Read the articles below, list the key words from each and then write your own explanation of what liquefaction is. You might even be able to find some photos of liquefaction in Christchurch or Redcliffs.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

School Closed Update

Hi everyone. Thank you to those who have emailed or wiki messaged us. It's great to hear that you are doing well. I've enjoyed reading your experiences of the earthquake and I'll share my own experiences soon.

If you haven't heard yet school is closed until Monday 13th September.

In the meantime what a great opportunity to achieve some RED Challenges. We are having an extended morning tea one day for those students who are on track to achieve their RED challenge (7 or 8 complete so far).

There are some activities posted below that you could complete, especially the SPEECH post. More learning activities will be posted tomorrow.

Good Luck.

Ski Trip Recount

If anyone would like to write a recount of our fantastic ski trip last month I will post it on our blog (along with some photos). You could email it to me at

More Fun Theory

Number Puzzles

A. I think of a number. I multiply by 4, then subtract 3. The result is 25. What is the number?

B. I think of a number. I add 18 to this number. The result is 30. What is the number?

C. I think of a number. I multiply by 5. The result is 30. What is the number?

D. I think of a number. I divide this number by 3, then subtract 3. The result is 30. What is the number?

E. I think of a number. I subtract 6 from this number. The result is 30. What is the number?

F. I think of a number. When I multiply by 4, then add 1 the result is 29. What is the number?

G. I think of a number. I divide by 2, then add 3.The result is 8. What is the number?

H. I think of a number. I add 5, then double the answer. The result is 22. What is the number?

I. I think of a number. I subtract 2, then multiply the answer by 3. The result is 54. What is the number?

Finding Rules for Sequences

Find a rule for these sequences. Test your rule, then write down the next two terms.

A. 6,8,10,12...
B. o,3,6,9...
C. 10,1,0.1,0.01...
D. 36,32,28...
E. 1,6,11...
F. 2,6,18...
G. 16,8,4,2...
H. 3,7,11...
I. 1,3,9,27...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Beyonce Tribute Perormance

Remember to read, read and read some more. I've heard the Beyonce Tribute Performers are well worth it!

Algebra Games

The websites below have some algebra games. I've tried playing a few of them but would appreciate a comment or three if you find them helpful or not. Let other peole know which ones they should try. So far I can't sink a basket:(

Don't forget to use the Algebra section on Mathletics. This will give you some great learning points.


As you know we have our class peech competitions coming up soon (week 9). You will have chosen a topic in class (How to survive .... or How I survived ...) All a bit real now! Spending some time over the next few days on your speech will help you immensely. Remember to follow the following process; brainstorm ideas, sequence ideas in a flow chart, research for interesting facts and information and then drafting your speech. Three minutes is the target time.

Mind Map Example

The assessment rubric has been uploaded to our wiki, click on the link below. There are also some videos of previous speeches.

Assessment Rubric (link to wiki)

Earthquake Experience

What do you remember of the 7.1 Earthquake on Saturday morning. Recount your experience on our Team One Wiki It would be very interesting to hear about each other's experiences in what will hopefully be a once in a lifetime event for us.

School Closed

I hope everyone is safe and well after Saturday morning. What an unreal experience, one that I hope we or others don't have to experience again.

You will be aware by now that school is closed for Monday and Tuesday. We probably won't know until Tuesday if school will open on Wednesday. Just so you don't have major withdrawl symptoms I am going to post some learning activities over the day. If you need help you can post a comment (quickest response) or email me at school (slower response).

Good Luck & Be kind to each other.
Mr E

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tidy Your Room Up Now!

Sound familiar? What about this idea?