Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Babushka learning Algebra

We had a visitor today. Babushka was keen to learn about algebraic equations 3(2a + b) + 2(3a - 3b) !!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Ukelele Time

Room 2 are strumming up a storm! Loving the excitement and positive attitude you all showed, can't wait until the next lesson!

Red Socks Day @ Redcliffs

Sir Peter Blake liked to wear his red socks for good luck, and during the America’s Cup Challenge of 1995 New Zealanders supported the boat by putting on their own red socks! Sir Peter Blake Trust

Room 1 leaders in their red socks!

Buddy Class

One of the highlights of the week has to be seeing how wonderful you big buddies are with your little buddies! After making podcasts the last few weeks we chose some games today; never too old for Duck, Duck Goose!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jesters come to Redcliffs @ Sumner

What a wicked afternoon! Two jolly jesters came and shared some theatre sports games and skills with us. A lot of laughs! Well done to everyone for your enthusiasm and especially those that got up in front of everyone. Check out the hens laying eggs while skiing!

Orienteerers Practice For Nationals

The orienteering team is gearing up for their national championships in Dunedin this holidays. They had a practice at our Redcliffs @ Sumner school site and they intend to go offsite next week. Best of luck team! I know you'll give it everything.

Another check point!

Ahh the finish line!

Comparing notes with each other post race.

Prizegiving, complete with prizes!