Sunday, May 29, 2011

Year 8's @ The Carter Observatory

It was a tired group of Year 8 students who turned up to the Carter Observatory on Friday morning. We still enjoyed ourselves and learnt lots about the stars in the night sky.

Year 8's @ The Disco

It was party time with DJ Stickman. Great to see you all let loose on the dance floor:) A huge thanks to the social committee, fantastic!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Year 8's @ The Wellington Zoo

So many cool animals to see; Red Pandas, Lions, Cheetahs and the cutest/cheekiest monkey the Emporer Tamarin. This was a popular visit for the Year 8's. Thanks to the staff and especially the education officers.

Year 8's @ The Reserve Bank

To think we were centimeters away from $1 000 000! We learnt about the production of our notes (in Australia of all places) and the MONIAC financial forecasting computer (it was created in 1949 here in New Zealand and ran on water). Again our cameras were being babysat by the nice security men at the beehive.

Apparently it weighed 19.6 kg, which was exactly the weight of someone's suitcase! Coincidence?

Year 8's @ The Beehive

The security was tight at the Beehive. Cameras and cellphones were persona non grata so you'll have to settle for some photos taken off the internet. This was a fascinating visit and some special person got to sit in the prime ministers seat (well the downstairs version anyway). 

Year 8's @ Zealandia

This place is a national treasure. Brian showed us some of the traps they have used to keep the sanctuary predator free before we explored the area itself. Seeing the Takahe, 2 of only 250 left, was pretty special. A fabulous morning despite the wet. Thank you to all the Zealandia staff and especially our generous donor.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Year 8's @ the Movies

It's good to see that our 12 and 13 yr olds now believe in the easter bunny again. Great night at the movies. A big thankyou to all those involved.

Year 8's @ Cafe Plum

What an unexpected gem of an afternoon. David at Plum Cafe had us ordering drinks and making our own master chef sandwiches. You have to stop by his cafe if you are ever in Cuba St Wellington. Thanks David and his team.

Year 8's @ Te papa

Our second excursion was to the Te Papa museum. Wellingtonians are so lucky to have this in their city, so many fantastic exhibits. The earthquake sections proved fascinating for us.

Year 8's @ Laser Force

We had an amazing welcome by Brooklyn School. Their kapa haka performed a brilliant haka and some of their school leaders welcomed us with a speech. Lots of fun was had at our billets homes for the first night and some of us even got on the news!

Our first activity was Laser Force which proved to be a blast. A major highlight for many of us. Well done to our individual winners and the best teacher Mrs McDonald!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Winning Science Fair Projects

These are some of the winning entries from the 2010 Canterbury / Westland Science Fair Competition.

Science Fair Projects - What The Judges Are Looking For?

The following information is taken from the official website and relates to what the judges at the regional competition are looking for. I will endeavour to find the photos from previous science fairs. Good Luck

What do the judges look for and like?

A clear and accurate presentation of the 'story' of your exhibit: what you did, why you did it, and your results or products. See photos from a previous Science Fair.

• That it is an investigation: the first stage is to answer the question "what is happening?" and then "why is it happening?".

• That you understand what is it you are investigating, so you don't waste time investigating irrelevant things.

• That you have done several measurements and experiments.

• That your conclusions reflect the nature of your data, for example, if you have done only a few measurements then you shouldn't say that these tell the full story - show that you understand the tentative nature of your data (the judges know that you don't usually have the time or resources to carry out hundreds of measurements).

• That you have documented all of your work in a workbook as you did it, and that you have the workbook with your exhibit.

• That you can evaluate whether more remains to be investigated about your topic.

More Science Fair Information

Need help with your science fair project? Remember to talk to your teacher. Also you could visit these sites for extra help. Good Luck.

Science Fair Ideas

Stuck for an idea for your science fair project? Consider trying one of these ...

How do different types of insulation effect heat loss?

How does the thickness of polystyrene effect it's insulation ability?

How does the distance an object is away from a magnifying lens effect it's enlarged size?

How does the amount of salt added to water effect it's boiling point?

How does the temperature effect the size of a football bladder?

How long do different types of liquids take to freeze?

How does the length of velcro effect it's strength?

Which glue is strongest under dry/wet conditions?

How does the shape of a dart effect the distance the dart flies?
How does the acidity of a fruit effect the voltage it provides?
How does the height a Tennis Ball is dropped from effect the height it bounces?

How does the density of a liquid effect the bouncing of an egg?

How do different flours effect the same recipe?

How do different baking powders effect scones?
Which way of drying dishes leaves the least amount of bacteria?
How do different amounts of warmth/sunlight/water/colours effect the germination and growth of plants?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Wiki Tutorials

Click on the links below to go to some previosly recorded tutorials which will help you log in and then add information about your science fair project.

Wiki Tutorial 1

Wiki Tutorial 2

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Seed Dispersal

As part of Room 1s genetics topic we went on a seed search in the school grounds. Here's the clip we watched before we went collecting.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Christchurch Munted T Shirt

Come on guys order your t shirt!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fractions Maths Task

Hurricanes will be using this tomorrow. Click on the link below and complete Fraction 1 and Fraction 2 activity. Make sure you don't have the volume up too high.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Flying Sheep

Another on of Monty Python sketches that we have had a go at re-writing. Here's the original.

Keith Haring

 We started looking at Keith Haring's work this week. He started off his grafitti art career by drawing chalk pictures onto black paper or chalkboards in New York City subways. Visit his oficcial website to learn more about his interesting pieces of art and you can even have a go at creating your own in the kids section.

Is Graffiti Art?

We have had some great discussions around this topic. What makes art? Is tagging different to graffiti? Is tagging art? Some video clips below that are worth watching on the topic.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sports Leaders

Don't forget to get your application in to Mr E by Tuesday if you are interested in  being trained as a School Sports Leader. Up to eight Year 7 or 8 students will have a days training at Heathcote Valley School on Monday 16th May.

Monty Python - Spam

Another of the rediculous!

Monty Python - Ministry of Silly Walks

A clip that we have looked at for our Pythonesque Script Writing unit.