Monday, February 21, 2011

Wainui Camp

What a great few days we all had at Wainui. All the teachers were very impressed with the positive attitude that you displayed in every challenge and how you looked out for everybody. A huge thanks to the amazing group of parents and the efforts of Mr Ryan in organising the camp.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dick Frizzell - NZ Artist

We are going to be learning about Pop Art and look closely at some of the artworks by New Zealand artist Dick Frizzell.

Click on the link to view some of his work

Dick Frizzell initially worked as a commercial artist after graduating from the University of Canterbury in 1964. This introduced him to the notion of art making as a profession. It also placed him within the environment from which much of his imagery has evolved. Frizzell’s art is humourous yet touching, with a love for the advertisements, billboards and posters from the 1950s and 1960s, such as the Four-Square Man, that are familiar to many New Zealanders.

This was later followed with an exhibition based upon his appropriation of the Tiki in paintings that reinvented this symbol in Cubist and Art Deco style. Although humorous, these works raised questions about ownership of a culture and who has the right to utilise its icons and symbols. Frizzell has received considerable recognition from the art institutions in New Zealand and in 1997 was the subject of a major retrospective exhibition toured by the City Gallery Wellington.

An interesting statistical website

Here is an amazing website which may interest you somewhat whilst investigating statistics.

A Big Blog From Ms McD

hello Team One........ :)

Camp Year 7

Dont forget to be here at school at 7:50 am Wednesday 16th february


Enjoy your first day at manual tomorrow Team One and Especially Room One. Mrs C

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Graph Investigator

Click on the link to go to an interactive learning activity which looks at choosing the appropriate graph to show specific information.*WkdWeVNXUTlNamt6T0EhIQ!!

Comic Life Tutorial 1

In Room 1 we are using Comic Life to display our learning goals for the beginning of the year. These tutorials will help you learn about the different features the programme offers. I've learnt some new things already so it is very worthwhile viewing.